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Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2015)

Evaluation of the antioxidant potential of methanol extract of Cyclea peltata in DAL Model

Meena J and Santhy KS
The dynamics of reactive oxygen species in the human body have been found to be the recurrent origin to various unrelated and transitional reactions that lead to cancer. Although these oxygen species are usually disposed by homeostasis by the human body, elevated environmental and food intake based stress reactions shift the balanced protective function. In recent years, an upsurge in counter acting these reactions has been targeted using synergistic ethnobotanical approaches. Cyclea peltata which has repeatedly been termed as a medicinal plant in the folk medicine is used in this study to analyse its antioxidant potential. Healthy Swiss albino mice were subjected to toxicity analysis on treatment with methanolic extract of the plant after inducing them with DAL cells. The antioxidant levels on the liver and kidney tissues revealed lower ranges in control group when compared to the treated groups. These results indicate administration of methanolic extract showed a reversed value towards the normal thus clearly validating its potential to be used in ethnobotanical based pharmaceutical research.
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Meena J, Santhy KS. Evaluation of the antioxidant potential of methanol extract of Cyclea peltata in DAL Model. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(1):71-75.
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