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Vol. 3, Issue 12 (2015)

Review of Majoone Falasfa – A Unani formulation

Basharat Rashid, Zarnigar, Peerzada Mohd. Younis, Malik Itrat, Mohd. Tarique
Majoone Falasfa is one of the most reputed polypharmaceutical preparations of Unani System of Medicine. It was originally called Madaat-ul-Hayaat i.e. Elixir of life. It is attributed to Indrumakhas of Greece (Andromachos, the elder, court physician to King Nero) who formulated it in consultation with several other philosophers of his time. It is an electuary which is prepared especially for the people engaged in mental work and that too processed in a semisolid form hence, renamed as Majoone Falasfa. This Unani compound formulation contains thirteen ingredients, which is used as liver tonic, antidiuretic, aphrodisiac, appetizer, digestive, semenagogue, carminative, stomachic, lithotriptic, deobstruent, anti-arthritis, cardiac tonic, nervine tonic as well as tonic for gall bladder and kidneys. It is also indicated for use in phlegmatic diseases. It is being particularly used in age related dementia as well as to counter the effects of ageing in Unani system of Medicine.
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Basharat Rashid, Zarnigar, Peerzada Mohd. Younis, Malik Itrat, Mohd. Tarique. Review of Majoone Falasfa – A Unani formulation. Pharma Innovation 2015;3(12):83-88.
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