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Vol. 3, Issue 12 (2015)

Phytochemical, antibacterial screening and antioxidant activity of Pulicaria crispa extracts

Yasmin Hassan Elshiekh, Mona A AbdElMoniem
Medicinal plants constitute are an effective source of both traditional and modern medicines, herbal medicine has been shown to have genuine utility. 80% of rural population depends on natural products as primary health care.
Pulicaria crispa used in folk medicine for the treatment of colds, coughs, colic, excessive sweating and as carminative.
In this study the maximum antibacterial activity was observed by The Petroleum ether Ethyl acetate, 70% methanol, ethanol respectively, while the water extract reflected no activity against all bacterial strains tested.
The chemical constituents were identified and the resultsexhibited the presence of Flavonoid, Tannin, Triterpenoids, Saponin, Alkaloid, Cardiac glycoside and reducing compound.
On the other hand; The ethanol, water, petroleum ether, 70% methanol extracts respectively exhibited high antioxidant activity ranging from (88±0.01, 87±0.01, 85±0.06, 84±0.02) while the ethyl acetate extract show less antioxidant activity 39±0.04.
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Yasmin Hassan Elshiekh, Mona A AbdElMoniem. Phytochemical, antibacterial screening and antioxidant activity of Pulicaria crispa extracts. Pharma Innovation 2015;3(12):12-15.
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