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Vol. 3, Issue 9 (2014)

Cardio protective drugs in Unani medicine: A review

Khurshid A Ansari and Shahla Nazir
Unani System of Medicine recommends a number of cardio protective and cardio tonic drugs which have been mentioned by ancient renowned Unani physician in classical literature. The drugs which protect the heart are known as cardio protective drugs. Origin of these drugs are three types; i.e. plant origin (most common), mineral origin and an animal origin. These drugs act on the basis of Mufarreh Qalb and Taqwiyate Qalb. Most of them are plant origin drugs (spices, flowers, fruits, vegetable) eg. Ilaichi Khurd, Darchini, Jaiphal, Tejpat, Pudina, Zafraan, Adrak, Lehsun, Dhania, Saunf, Ajwain, Zeera, Badranjboya, Tulsi, Ajmoda, Gule Surkh, Gule Nilofar, Gule Gurhal, Apple, Annanas, Amrud, Amla, Naspati, Anar, Bathwa, Palak, Cholai, Kaddu, Kundru. Mineral Origin are Yaqoot, Lajward, Gile Armani, Gile Makhtoom, Momiyai, Sona, Chandi, Hajre Armani, Zahar Mohra, Iron and animal origin are; Lulu (moti) Marjan, Abresham, Busd, Honey, Mushk, Ambar, Zardi Baiza Murgh, Teetar, Ma’ul Laham and Fish. Ibn Sina described 63 drugs which act as cardio protective in his book Adviya-E-Qalbiyah. Some Compound drugs which play major role for cardioprotective which are Khamirah, Qurs Zahar Mohra, Sharbat Sandal, Mufarreh Yaqoot, Arq Ilaichi, etc.
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Khurshid A Ansari, Shahla Nazir. Cardio protective drugs in Unani medicine: A review. Pharma Innovation 2014;3(9):67-69.

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