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Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2014)

Floating Drug Delivery System: A Novel Approach

Meenakshi Kandwal, Dr. G. Gnanarajan, Dr. Preeti Kothiyal
Floating drug delivery system are designed to prolong the gastric residence time after oral administration at particular site and controlling the release of drug for achieving the controlled plasma level as well as improving bioavailability. They provide local delivery to specific regions like stomach and proximal small intestine and shows better bioavailability and improved therapeutic activity and substantial benefit to patients. They offer several advantages over conventional dosage forms. Effervescent and Non-effervescent are two classes of floating drug delivery system and can formulate either in single unit dosage form or in multiple unit dosage form.
Motility pattern in GIT
Fig.: Motility pattern in GIT
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Meenakshi Kandwal, Dr. G. Gnanarajan, Dr. Preeti Kothiyal. Floating Drug Delivery System: A Novel Approach. Pharma Innovation 2014;3(3):57-69.
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