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Vol. 3, Issue 10 (2014)

Risk factors for glaucoma progression and their impact on late stage development of the disease

Detsyk O.Z., Mytnyk Z.M., Koshchynets O.B.
As part of a special program running at three in-patient ophthalmology departments at district hospitals in Ivano-Frankivsk region during 2002-2011 a representative group of 515 people with primary glaucoma, including 347 respondents from I-II (initial) stage of primary glaucoma and 168 patients of III-IV (later) stages of the disease have been surveyed. It was proved that the chances of complicated course of glaucoma increase with age, in males, in patients with burdened heredity and concomitant cardiovascular diseases. Poor education, unemployment, loneliness, poor physical and social activity, harmful habits facilitate vision deterioration in glaucoma patients. It was reported that the development of late-stage glaucoma significantly decreases quality of life by deteriorating health, decreased daily activity, increased anxiety and depression, elevated sense of social insecurity. The chances of late-stage glaucoma development increase with insufficient coverage by ophthalmological screening and low compliance to treatment. This indicates the potential to prevent complications of glaucoma at the level of primary health care.
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Detsyk O.Z., Mytnyk Z.M., Koshchynets O.B.. Risk factors for glaucoma progression and their impact on late stage development of the disease. Pharma Innovation 2014;3(10):25-28.
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