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Vol. 3, Issue 10 (2014)

Microbiological, physicochemical analysis and sensory evaluation of herbal yogurt

Keerti Yadav and Sangeeta Shukla
The objective of the research work is to incorporate Cinnamon leaves in yogurt and to study the effect of cinnamon extract on physicochemical analysis of prepared Herbal yogurt. Yogurt was prepared by standardized to 3.5% low fat milk and 11% SNF with herb cinnamon at 0.5, 1 and 1.5 percentage and served as Ca1, Ca2 ,Ca3  respectively. Product was evaluated for physicochemical analysis (moisture, fat, protein, total solid, pH and acidity) and Sensory evaluation of the prepared yogurt was carried out using nine point hedonic scales. The data obtained were statistically analyzed using analysis of variance and critical difference techniques. Addition of cinnamon with 1 percent resulted in better compactness of the body and closely smooth texture of the yoghurt as compared to the other treatments including control yogurt. It can be concluded from the results obtained that the addition of green tea extract  at 0.5 per cent, 1.0 per cent, 1.5 per cent level improved the taste and flavour, colour and appearance, body and texture and also overall acceptability of herbal yogurt. Total viability was higher in Treatment Ci3 yogurt shows good result in comparison of plain yogurt.
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Keerti Yadav, Sangeeta Shukla. Microbiological, physicochemical analysis and sensory evaluation of herbal yogurt . Pharma Innovation 2014;3(10):01-04.

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