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Vol. 2, Issue 12 (2014)

The Invention of Drugs for Pediatrics: Reality and Prospects

O.P. Gudzenko, O.D. Nemyatykh, I.I. Basakina
The given article is intended the requirements to summarize on drugs for pediatrics with regard to the anatomic-physiological peculiarities of the growing organism. We have pointed out the key role of selecting of the optimum pharmaceutical form, which determines specific absorption, binding of drugs at a stage of biotransport, distribution and elimination. We have shown the importance of presence of various assortment of pharmaceutical forms in the pharmaceutical market, which correspond to therapeutic concepts acceptable in pediatrics. We have carried out all-round estimation of traditional and newest drug forms, designed in accordance with specifics of the structure, function and regulation of children organs and systems in different age groups. This research underlines the problem of acute deficit of specific drugs, oriented on child segment in the context of pharmaceutical market.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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O.P. Gudzenko, O.D. Nemyatykh, I.I. Basakina. The Invention of Drugs for Pediatrics: Reality and Prospects. Pharma Innovation 2014;2(12):36-41.
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