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Vol. 2, Issue 12 (2014)

Knowledge level of farmers about vegetable production technology

Biseshwar Saxena
The present investigation was carried out in the six purposively selected village of Navagarh Balouda block of Janjgir-Champa district. Seventy two respondents were selected randomly and personally interviewed with the help of the structured interview schedule. The study revolved that the majority of the farmer were belonged to young at group, having high school level of education. The families were medium in size. Majority of the Vegetable (tomato) growing farmers had experience of farming ranging from 11-20 years and having above 10 acres of land.
Farther, present study showed that majority of the Vegetable (Tomato) growers had high level of knowledge (66.11%) and low level of the adoption (72.22%) about tomato production Technology, socio- economic attributes like age experience of farmers economics motivation and source of information head significant relationship with the with knowledge of tomato growers. Similarly in case of adoption of recommended tomato production technology, the selected independent variables viz. age size of family, experience of formers, economic motivation and source of information we also observed as associated with the adoption significantly.
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Biseshwar Saxena. Knowledge level of farmers about vegetable production technology. Pharma Innovation 2014;2(12):111-115.

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