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Vol. 2, Issue 12 (2014)

Ocular trauma score (OTS): A method to predict the visual outcome of patients after ocular trauma

Sahitya Tatineni
Aim: A prospective study to evaluate the predictive value of ocular trauma score in cases of mechanical eye injuries in a tertiary care hospital.
Methods: This prospective observational study was carried out in the Department of Ophthalmology after taking the approval of the protocol review committee and institutional ethics committee. 100 patients who presented to our tertiary care centre with mechanical eye injuries was done over a period of 1 year.
Results: Out of 100 patients mean age was 29.46 years, with majority between 21 to 50 years of age. Males were 76% and 24% were females. Most injuries (90%) were unintentional while only 10% were due to assault. The inflicting agents in 52% were metallic object, in 31% wood. In 11% road traffic accident was the aetiology while broken glass was responsible in 2%. 13 eyes (13%) presented with lid laceration and in 67(67%) eyes hyphema was present. Traumatic cataracts developed in 21 eyes (21%). Vitreous loss was noted in 25 (25%) eyes. Intra-ocular foreign body was detected in 3 (3%) eyes. Out of 100 eyes 84 eyes affected with globe rupture (84%), 7 with retinal detachment (7%), RAPD noted in (7%) and 2 patient showed signs of endophthalmitis (2%).The initial visual acuity was no perception of light in 25% (25 cases), hand movement or perception of light in 64% patients and 2 patient (2%) had vision between 1/200 to 19/200.
Conclusion: Ocular trauma in any age creates agony in patient and family. Just after trauma the question treating team faces is how much is visual damage and how it will evolve in future. This question is more haunting in era of consumer protection act. OTS helps to row the boat of prognosis amidst the storm.
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Sahitya Tatineni. Ocular trauma score (OTS): A method to predict the visual outcome of patients after ocular trauma. Pharma Innovation 2014;2(12):106-110.
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