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Vol. 2, Issue 11 (2014)

Professional hygiene oral cavity: comfort before and after the procedure

Oksana Vydoynyk
Summary: The article presents the modern data about etiology and pathogenesis of tooth hypersensitivity. The methods of cupping hypersensitivity teeth using fluorinated funds, adhesive sealants, desensitayzery and also presents a new Pro-Argin technology based on argina and preparations for the daily care of sensitive teeth at home - Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, which are widely used in Ukraine.Conclusion: In pastes Colgate ® Sensitive Pro Relief ™ was successfully implemented pathogenetic principle in solving problems of hypersensitivity teeth. By sharing use of professional and toothpaste for regular use has a comprehensive program for the prevention of hypersensitive teeth, which ensures quick and stable pronounced effect that eliminate dentinal hypersensitivity and effective prevention caries.
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Oksana Vydoynyk. Professional hygiene oral cavity: comfort before and after the procedure. Pharma Innovation 2014;2(11):102-105.
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