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Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2013)

Development and In-vitro Evaluation of Colon Targeted Matrix Tablets of Tinidazole

Vikram Sharma, Subash Chand, Sharma S. K.
The present study deals with design of colonic drug delivery with a concept based on a combination of a polysaccharide and a synthetic polymer like, Guar gum, Gellan gum, Xanthan gum, MCC, PVP-K30, and stability study of Tinidazole matrix tablets with Xanthan gum. The matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method using the PVP-K30 as dry binder (10% of total content), the blend were evaluated for Angle of repose, Carr’s index, Bulk density, Tapped density and Hausner ratio. The tablets were also evaluated for Hardness, Weight variation, Friability, Drug content and in-vitro release studies in the SGF, SIF and SCF. The evaluation of blend showed good flowability and compressibility. All batches of blend showed drug content in the range of 98 to 99.5% Tinidazole. Hardness, Weight variation and Friability of tablets formulation pass IP specification. From in-vitro drug release study it was found that the matrix tablets have zero % release for first two hours in a 0.1N HCL.
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Fig.: fig 1
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Vikram Sharma, Subash Chand, Sharma S. K.. Development and In-vitro Evaluation of Colon Targeted Matrix Tablets of Tinidazole. Pharma Innovation 2013;2(4):221-228.
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