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Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2013)

Analysis of adjustment and vital-capacity among different levels of participation of endurance runners

Suman and Mahender Singh
Purpose: The study is trying to find out the difference among the National, Inter-University and State Level endurance runners in order to provide information about the potential effects of psychological and physiological variables.
Design/Methodology/Approach: The one fifty (n= 150) endurance runners participating at state/ inter-university and national level competitions of their age range 18 to 25 years were randomly selected as subjects from national, State and Inter-University camps of mostly North East States of India. The adjustment of the endurance runners measured by Prof. A.K.P. Sinha & Dr. R.P. Singh (1980) test and Vital Capacity by Dry Spirometer test of National, Inter-University and State Level endurance runners. To calculate the mean difference among different level of endurance runners mean, SD, ANOVA and Post-hoc test were test conducted by using SPSS 11.5 computer software.
Findings: A statistical finding of the Inter-University level runners have been found to possess more level of adjustment than those of the National and State level runners, but state level runners has the least adjustment and in case of physiological variables Inter-University level runners possess similar vital capacity but the state level runners possess the least capacity among the groups.
Conclusion: Inter-University level endurance runners have more adjustment whereas state level runners show least adjustment level but National and Inter-University level runners have similar but higher vital capacity and state level runners have lower vital capacity.
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Suman, Mahender Singh. Analysis of adjustment and vital-capacity among different levels of participation of endurance runners. Pharma Innovation 2013;2(2):175-179.
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