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Vol. 2, Issue 10 (2013)

Liberate Me! my soul trapped in a wrong body Optmial medical care for gender identity disorder

Somia Gul, Hina qamar, Wardha jawaid, Urooj bokhari, Yumna javed
Gender identity disorder (GID) or transsexualism is defined by strong, persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one's own assigned sex. Gender identity problems, including effeminate mannerisms, cross-dressing, exclusive cross-gender play, and lack of same-sex friends. The exact cause of gender identity disorder is not known, but several theories exist. These theories suggest that the disorder may be caused by genetic (chromosomal) abnormalities, hormone imbalances during fatal and childhood development, defects in normal human bonding and childrearing, or a combination of these factors. This is distinct from homosexuality in that homosexuals nearly always identify with their apparent sex or gender. We have conducted a survey on GID individuals (sample size n=200 and age group= 18-50) presented at different public places and carried out live discussion via chat rooms. Surveys were scrutinized using common language of General Health Questionnaire and general interviews about their personal and professional life, social acceptance ,employment status, legal acceptance, equality in access to education and healthcare facilities and any treatment or surgery ever experienced in life. Treatment for GID is generally consisting of management programmes such as harm reduction; Prepubescent children (puberty blocker), Psychological treatments (psychotherapy), and Biological treatments (sex reassignment therapy). The most important principle to apply in general prevention and screening is to provide care for the anatomy at the same time screening transsexual people who have not used cross-sex hormones or had gender-affirming surgery as they are subjected to risk parameters such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Mellitus mainly for those taking testosterone or estrogen. Deliver medical care by enlightening guidelines related to Diet and Lifestyle, Musculoskeletal Health, Sexual Health, Hormone administration, monitoring and Immunizations. This research highlights the need to raise awareness of the issues concerning transgender people.
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Somia Gul, Hina qamar, Wardha jawaid, Urooj bokhari, Yumna javed. Liberate Me! my soul trapped in a wrong body Optmial medical care for gender identity disorder. Pharma Innovation 2013;2(10):01-07.

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