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Vol. 2, Issue 10 (2013)

Development of Chronic Pancreatitis In Children: risk factors and prognosis

I. S. Lembryk
In the article factors of risk which determine prognosis of pancreatitis in children are discussed. 129 children of school age were thoroughly examined by usage of questionnaire. Due to the results of this questioning we divide patients into two groups: main (65 children with dysfunction of Oddi’s sphincter, pancreatic type, with the tendency to transformation into chronic form) and comparative (64 children without signs of chronic pancreatitis during a course of therapy). At the step of formalization of medical knowledge we have formed a special document which contained 120 risk factors. We were able to create special mathematical model for prognosis of chronic pancreatitis in children. The factors of risk are as follows: duration of breastfeeding at first year of life (due to anamnesis) – up to 1 month; irregular walks; frequent eating of fast-food; infections in anamnesis (especially chicken pox); lack of proteins and vitamins in mother’s diet during pregnancy.
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I. S. Lembryk. Development of Chronic Pancreatitis In Children: risk factors and prognosis. Pharma Innovation 2013;2(10):83-87.
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