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Vol. 1, Issue 9 (2012)

Needle Free Injection Systems

Rapolu Bharath Kumar.
Needle-free injection systems are novel ways to introduce various medicines into patients without piercing the skin with a conventional needle. Needle-free technology offers the very obvious benefit of reducing patient concern about the use of needle. Needle free injection gives very effective injections for a wide range of drugs and bioequivalent to syringe and needle,   results in less pain, and is strongly preferred by patients. Additional benefits include very fast injection compared with conventional needles and no needle disposal issues. Not only it can benefit the pharmaceutical industry in increasing product sales, it has the added potential to increase compliance with dosage regimens and improved outcomes. Today, they are a steadily developing technology that promises to make the administration of medicine more efficient and less painful.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Rapolu Bharath Kumar.. Needle Free Injection Systems. Pharma Innovation 2012;1(9):57-72.

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