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Vol. 1, Issue 9 (2012)

Detection of cases of ascites using ultrasonography

Navdeep Hooda
Background: Ascites turn out to be clinically evident when no less than 1500 ml of liquid needs to a mass as regularly around 50 ml of liquid is available in the peritoneal depression. The present study was done to detect the cases of ascites using Ultrasonography. Materials & Methods: This study was conducted in department of Radiodiagnosis. It included 110 patients with ascites. In all patients USG was performed and interpretatiuon was done to see the cause of ascites. Results: Males were 50 and females were 60. The difference was non significant. Normal patients had total protein 8.2g, total albumin 3.6g and serum ascites albumin gradient 0.3. While moderate had, 8.4g, 3.1g and 0.2 respectively. The SAAG ratio was significant (0.01). Common causes were inflammatory (40), tumor (10), renal diseases (20), liver diseases (10), cardiac disease (8) and portal hypertension (22). The difference was significant (0.01). Conclusion: Ascites, Liver cirrhosis, Ultrasonography
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Navdeep Hooda. Detection of cases of ascites using ultrasonography. Pharma Innovation 2012;1(9):116-118.

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