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Vol. 1, Issue 7 (2012)

Formulation and Evaluation of Buccal Patches of  Simvastatin by Using Different Polymers

Shalini Mishra*, G. Kumar, P. Kothiyal
The objective of this study was to develop mucoadhesive buccal tablets of Simvastatin using mucoadhesive polymers. Simvastatin has short biological half-life (3hr), high first-pass metabolism and poor oral bioavailability (5%), hence an ideal candidate for buccal delivery system. From the present study carried out on simvastatin  buccal patches prepared from 1% eudragit-RS100 and variable amount of different polymer composite, PVP, PVA, HPMC and EC. The buccal patches prepared using 50% glycerine w/w of  polymer weight were found to have good physical characteristics. The mean thickness of buccal polymeric patches increased with an increase in the amount of polymer percent. Eudragit RS-100 HPMC (1:2) containing 50% glycerine w/w of polymer weight had is maximum thickness. Percent swelling index determined at 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes increased with time and with an increase in hydrophilic polymer. Eudragit-RS100-HPMC buccal patches better swelling index, , folding endurance  followed by Eudragit-RS100-HPMC, Eudragit-RS100-PVA and Eudragit-RS100-PVP buccal patches. . The increase in the amount of polymer retarded the release of simvastatin. F1 (eudragit-RS100-PVP) showed the maximum and faster release. Simvastatin was incorporated in the selected polymeric patches and these were then evaluated for content uniformity and in vitro release. Higher drug release was obtained.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Shalini Mishra*, G. Kumar, P. Kothiyal. Formulation and Evaluation of Buccal Patches of  Simvastatin by Using Different Polymers. Pharma Innovation 2012;1(7):87-92.

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