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Vol. 1, Issue 4 (2012)

Benign parotid tumor treatment with extra capsular excision: A systematic evaluation and meta-analysis

Dr. L Sunandini and Dr. I Rajendra Mohan
Background and Objectives: To compare the incidence of facial nerve palsy following superficial parotidectomy with extracapsular excision. to evaluate if positive margins from superficial parotidectomy or extracapsular excision correlate. to ascertain whether extra capsular excision is a practical method for treating benign parotid tumors.
Methods: This retrospective study used randomization to identify 48 patients with benign parotid tumors. The patients were randomly assigned to either the extracapsular excise category or the parotidectomy category. The House-Brackmann Score was used to compare the two groups and assess postoperative facial nerve functioning at 2, 7, and 10 days following surgery.
Results: Regarding facial nerve palsy following surgery, there was no appreciable distinction between the two methods. On day 10, the House-Brackmann test's zygomatic area displayed a 1-sided significance level of, pearson chi2 (1) = 0.1117, p = 0.738, and fisher's exact = 1.000. Fisher's exact values for the jaw and mandible are 0.670 and 0.616, respectively, and p = 0.403.
Conclusion: Patients with less severe facial nerve palsy were those who had superficial parotidectomy. Compared to individuals who had extracapsular excision, patients who had superficial parotidectomy experienced a higher incidence of moderate to severe facial nerve paralysis in the postoperative period. Facts don't matter. Comparing statistically, extracapsular excision had lower margins than superficial parotidectomy. For benign parotid tumors, extracapsular excision may be preferable to superficial parotidectomy; however, larger samples are required for verification.
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Dr. L Sunandini, Dr. I Rajendra Mohan. Benign parotid tumor treatment with extra capsular excision: A systematic evaluation and meta-analysis. Pharma Innovation 2012;1(4):108-115.

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