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Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2012)

Fast Dissolving Drug Delivery and its Technologies.

Samita Gauri*, Gaurav Kumar
It is very well known that a drug can be administered through many different routes so as to produce a systemic pharmacological effect. The route of administration is considered as the path by which a drug is taken into the body for the treatment of various diseases and disorders. The main route of administrating a drug administration is the oral route which is the oldest and most commonly used because of its ease of administration, self-medication and avoidance of pain as compared to parental route. Despite of the tremendous advancement in oral route some of the people find difficultly in swallowing tablet and other oral dosage form, so in order to troubleshoot  all these problem associated with oral route, fast dissolving drug delivery systems (FDDS) were first came into existence in 1970 as an alternative to tablets, syrups and capsules, for pediatric and geriatric patients which rapidly disintegrate and dissolve in saliva and then easily swallowed without need of water which is a major benefit over conventional dosage form.
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Samita Gauri*, Gaurav Kumar. Fast Dissolving Drug Delivery and its Technologies.. Pharma Innovation 2012;1(2):34-39.

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