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Vol. 8, Issue 9 (2019)

Development and quality assessment of Gluten-free Bread prepared by using Rice flour, Corn starch and Sago flour

Surabhi Kumari, Shanker Suwan Singh, Komal Yadav and Bhavya
Baking industry is currently seeking to expand its products range, but also to costitute a way of maintain and improving general health of people. Bakery products are mainly prepared from wheat as its main ingredients. Bread is widely consumed and is an ideal vehicle for functional delivery. The objective of this work was to develop Gluten-free Bread. The use of rice flour, corn starch and sago flour blends as a source of high carbohydrate, protein and fat and absence of gluten in production of Gluten- free bread was studied. The flour blends of rice flour, corn starch and sago flour were composites at replacement levels of 40:35:25 (T1), 50:30:20 (T2), 60:25:15 (T3) % while the wheat flour bread 100:00:00 (T0) served as control bread. Various analysis parameters were analyzed by one way ANOVA to obtained a predicted optimum result prepared bread was subjected to chemical, microbial, and sensory analysis to evaluate the suitability of breads were T1 protein (5.10 %), fat (4.58 %), ash (0.95 %), moisture (31.15 %) and carbohydrate (58.19 %) as comparable to control without adversely affecting the sensory parameters. Based on the result it was indicated that beneficial components of Rice flour, corn starch and sago flour made them more favorable choice for food technologist to develop gluten - free bread especially for celiac disease.
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Surabhi Kumari, Shanker Suwan Singh, Komal Yadav and Bhavya. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2019; 8(9): 39-43.
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