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Vol. 7, Issue 9 (2018)

Seasonal occurrence and record of alternative host plant of mango mealy bug, Drosicha mangiferae in relative to climatic parameters at Malda, West Bengal

Totan Das and Dr. Kaushik Chakraborty
The mango mealy bug, Drosicha mangiferae population was studied during 2017-2018 at Malda District, West Bengal. The climatic parameters play a decisive role in determining the abundance and distribution of pest population. The observation on natural higher infestation of mealy bug was showed mango tree, besides this also on alternative host plants of guava and custard apple. The mango mealy bug first appeared on 7 SMW. Its population increased gradually and maximum population was noted at about 15 to 17 SMW in relation to the development of mango fruits in the orchard, afterwards its number decreases mostly from 18 SMW to 20 SMW. The present work was found correlation between mealy bug populations with climatic parameters. The mealy bug population was showed significantly positive correlation with minimum temperature and relative humidity gradient whereas, significant negative correlation with minimum relative humidity. The present works in near future will further developed an insect pest forecast model based on meteorological variables that help in the pest management programs.
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Totan Das and Dr. Kaushik Chakraborty. . The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2018; 7(9): 55-61.
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