Volume 3, Issue 8


Formulation development and evaluation of floating tablet of Cinnarizine for an effective management of motion sickness

Author: Viral Kanzariya, Falguni Sharma, Hitesh Jain, Umesh Upadhyay

Abstract: Objectives: The objective of the present study is to formulate the Gastro-retentive floating tablets containing cinnarizine, which would remain in stomach and/or upper part of GIT for prolonged period of time in a view to maximize solubility of drug which is necessary for its absorption.

Experimental Work: The floating tablets of Cinnarizine were prepared by direct compression method using Polyox WSR 303 in various concentrations and NaHCO3 as an effervescent agent. 32 factorial design was carried out. The factorial batches were formed by taking concentrations of Polyox WSR 303 and Sodium bicarbonate as independent variables and floating lag time and % CDR as dependent factors. The formulations were evaluated for hardness, friability, weight variation, swelling index, floating lag time, floating time, % CDR etc. From the formulated factorial batches, S3 batch containing 22% Polyox WSR 303 and 15% sodium bicarbonate showed the lowest lag time of 24.22±0.88 sec and the highest % CDR at 12th hr of 98.69%.

Conclusion: From the results obtained, it was concluded that the optimized formulation containing Polyox WSR 303 and sodium bicarbonate shows better swelling properties with desired drug release properties and floating behaviour. Hence Polyox WSR 303 is a potential polymer candidate for formulation of sustained release floating effervescent tablets.

Fig: Contour plot showing the effect of Polyox WSR 303 & Sodium Bicarbonate on lag time

Fig: Contour plot showing the effect of Polyox WSR 303 & Sodium Bicarbonate on lag time


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