Volume 3, Issue 8


Formulation and evaluation of entacapone sustained release matrix tablets

Author: T. Praveen Kumar, Y. Pallavi, K. Deepthi, P. Narayana Raju

Abstract: The objective of the present investigation was to formulate Entacapone sustained release matrix tablets using various grades of HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose such as K4M, K15M and K100M by the direct compression method. The effect of concentration and viscosity of polymer on in vitro drug release and release kinetics was studied extensively including swelling and erosion index. The results of precompression properties of the powder blend were found to be in theoretical range for processing into tablet dosage form. The post compression properties results were found to be uniform within the pharmacopoeial limits. In vitro release study exhibited that drug release extended up to 7 h to 18 h. It concludes that an increase in the viscosity of polymer decreased the drug release. The drug release mechanism was observed to follow zero order kinetics and non Fickian diffusion mechanism. Drug-excipient compatibility was characterized by FTIR and DSC study and confirmed that no incompatibility was found.


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