Volume 3, Issue 8


Relapse of generalized parodontitis as result of emotional stress in patients with complicated duodenal peptic ulcer disease

Author: Kh. B. Matviychuk

Abstract: The article presents the results of evaluation of the impact of stress on periodontal tissue of 48 patients with complicated duodenal peptic ulcer disease (CDPUD) and 25 patients with duodenal peptic ulcer disease (DPUD) without complications. A significantly higher rate of personal and situational anxiety in patients with CDPUD compared to DPUD (p<0, 05) was revealed. Poor hygienic oral health was typical for patients with CDPUD - 88, 6%. A statistically significantly greater severity of inflammatory-destructive process of periodontal tissues by periodontal index (PI) of A.L. Russel in 45 patients (94, 2%) (p<0, 05) with CDPUD, compared with DPUD - 16 patients (65, 1%) - was revealed. The study allows to suggest (assert) that the development of complications of DPUD causes emotional stress in patients and is a significant cause of exacerbation of generalized parodontitis.


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