Volume 3, Issue 7


Formulation of silver nanoparticles using methanolic extract of stem of plant Desmodium gangeticum, their characterization and antibacterial and anti-oxidant evaluation

Author: Bharti Azad, Angshu Banerjee

Abstract: Objectives: The primary objective of this study is to present an evidence-based perspective of silver nanoparticles green synthesis and evaluation of their antibacterial and antioxidant activity.
Methods: Silver nanoparticles are formulated by using methanolic extract of stem of plant Desmodium gangeticum and their characterization was performed. Further they were analysed for their anti-bacterial and antioxidant activity by using disc diffusion method for antibacterial evaluation and DPPH(2,2-Diphenyl 1-picryl hydrazyl) scavenging assay for antioxidant evaluation.
Results and discussion: Different concentrations of silver nitrate solution were prepared and reacted with extract solution in different ratios. Silver nanoparticles are formulated by using Desmodium gangeticum plant extract by reduction of Ag+ to Ag0 from silver nitrate solution. The light yellow colour was observed that changes to dark brown which indicates the formation of nanoparticles. Results from UV-vis (ultra violet-visible spectroscopy) analysis, zeta potential analysis, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy were obtained good and satisfactory. The results obtained from the antibacterial and anti-oxidant assay showed that the antibacterial and anti-oxidant activity of formulated silver nanoparticles was more than that of the plant extract.
Conclusion: The obtained results suggested that the formulated silver nanoparticles of methanolic extract of stem of plant Desmodium gangeticum possess efficient anti-bacterial and antioxidant activity.

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