Volume 3, Issue 7


The Influence of the radiotherapy on the state of the Ceruloplasmin-Transferrin system and free iron combinations’ levels in the blood of rectal cancer patients

Author: Volodymyr V. Golotyuk, Anatoliy P. Burlaka

Abstract: The venous blood samples of 35 patients with rectal adenocarcinoma Т2-3N0-2M0G2 have been studied. Patients received preoperative course of distance gamma-ray therapy to the tumour region to a total focal dose of 39 Gy (single focal dose 3 Gy with 13 sessions during 2.5 weeks). A radical surgical intervention was done 4-5 weeks after the last session of radiotherapy. The results of the study show a reduction of ceruloplasmin and transferrin levels in the blood of rectal cancer patients prior to the treatment and a slight growth of transferrin when undergoing the course of radiotherapy. One of the reasons for the decline of feroxidase and antioxidant ceruloplasmin activity in the blood of rectal cancer patients may be the formation of NO combinations with this enzyme. The influence of radiation therapy on rectal cancer becomes apparent when the "free iron" combinations’ levels and lipid peroxidation products are increased in the blood of these patients.


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