Volume 3, Issue 7


Pharmacovigilance: need and future prospective in herbal and ayurvedic medicines

Author: Pranay Wal, Aradhana Singh, Ridhima Mehra, Saista Rizvi, Rachana Vajpayee

Abstract: Pharmacovigilance is related to the protection of public health and monitoring of adverse drug reaction.  Herbal and ayurvedic medicines make up an important module towards alternative medicine. It is becoming ever more popular in today’s world as people seek out for natural remedies. Herbal and ayurvedic medicines are generally considered as safe but they also need consistent monitoring for adverse effects. To compete with the growing pharmaceutical market, there is an exigency to develop and scientifically validated more medicinally useful herbal products. This review article provides an overview of the need of the pharmacovigilance for herbal and ayurvedic medicines and future aspects of pharmacovigilance in herbal drugs.


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