Volume 3, Issue 7


Effect of combined AM fungal inoculation on the growth response and N, P and K uptake in important tree species

Author: H.C. Lakshman and Ratna. V. Airsang

Abstract: The influence of single and combined Am fungal inoculation and without inoculation was studied on three hard wood trees namely; Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam., Eugenia bracteata (Willd) Roxb. ex DC, Lagerstroemia lanceolata Wall. ex C.B.Clarke. It was observed that single inoculation neither influenced nor showed higher growth response. But the combined inoculation of AM fungi G.bagyarajii and G.geosporum significantly has improved the plant growth and biomass yield and N, P, K and Zn uptake in all the bioinoculated plants over the control/noninoculated plants. The importance of mycorrhizal inoculation for tree seedlings before, they transplantation to agro forestry programmes has been discussed.


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