Volume 3, Issue 6


Redox-dependent Markers for Response to Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer

Author: Volodymyr V. Golotyuk, Anatoliy P. Burlaka

Abstract: Biopsy materials of tumors and urine samples from 26 patients with rectal adenocarcinoma of the stage Т2-4N0M0 have been examined. In the first phase of treatment, patients received a preoperative course of radiotherapy to ​​the tumor to a total focal dose of 39 Gy (single focal dose 3 Gy with 13 sessions during 2.5 weeks). A radical surgical intervention was done after 4-5 weeks of treatment. The results of this research single out new prognostic criteria of the tumor radiosensitivity level. Superoxide radicals speed production value before the treatment more than 1,0 nmol/min.·body weight in g. of raw tissue; the low level of the 8-oxoG daily excretion in the urine before the treatment – less than 0,5 nmol/period.·body weight in kg; and the increasing of the 8-oxoG index level in the urine at 50% and more relative to the baseline the day after the beginning of radiotherapy points at the high level of tumor radiosensitivity.

Fig: The 8-oxoG excretion level of rectal cancer patients before the treatment in accordance with the degree of pathomorphosis (the mean value, the minimum – the maximum, the trendline).


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