Volume 3, Issue 2


Clinico-Pathogenetic Substantiation of Zinaxin-Based Periodontal Dressing Administrations


Author: S. S. Romanyshyn *

Abstract: Our investigations resulted in optimal adjustment of a medicinal agent for Zinaxin-based periodontal dressing. We developed two types of this drug formulation for patients suffering from generalized periodontitis with chronic and exacerbated course considering features of the clinical course. To detect an effective concentration of Zinaxin in the periodontal dressing used for local administration we examined 39 patients suffering from generalized periodontitis at the age of 35-44. Clinical and laboratory investigations showed an increase of gum fluid eicosanoids (prostaglandins and leukotrienes) of patients suffering from generalized periodontitis before treatment by contrast to patients with clinically healthy periodontium. We found out that Zinaxin-based periodontal dressing continued to be effective for about 12 hours, during which a positive decrease of gingival fluid eicosanoids was observed. As a result of a number of experimental dilutions of Zinaxin we detected that optimal concentration of this medication formulated into the periodontal dressing was 1:100.


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