Volume 3, Issue 2


Association of C-511 polymorphism of interleukin 1β gene with uterine adnexae inflammation in puberty age girls


Author: Larysa Sydorchuk *, Kateryna Gumenna, Oksana Andriyets, Andriy Sydorchuk, Oksana Bodnarjuk

Abstract: The aim of the study was to analyze the association of 511C/T polymorphism of IL-1β gene (rs16944) with specific and nonspecific salpingoophoritis in juvenile girls (12-18 years). The IL-1β 511C/T gene polymorphism was analyzed by means of polymerase chain reaction in 88 patients with salpingoophoritis and 31 healthy individuals. Among patients with nonspecific salpingoophoritis T-allele frequency dominates the CC-genotype by 4.99 times. The presence of T-allele or TT genotype of IL-1β gene increases a predisposition risk for adnexal inflammation, regardless of their specificity, in girls of pubertal age (especially at the age of 15-18) by 1.54-2.58 times [OR=2.34-4.17, OR 95% CI=1.07-12.6 p≤0.032-0.002]. C-allele and CC genotype play a protective role and show the lowest probability of adnexal inflammation, especially nonspecific salpingoophoritis [OR = 0.28-0.43, p≤0.022-0.001]. Thus, T-allele of IL-1β gene C-511T polymorphism is associated with adnexa inflammation in girls at the age of puberty.


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