Volume 3, Issue 2


Comparative Incidence of serious side effects from first-line anti-tuberculosis drug in patients treated for active tuberculosis and treatment outcomes


Author: Nisar Hussain Shah, Muhammad Muzamil Khan, Ayyaz Ahmad, Muhammad Hanif,  Mujahid Ali, Muhammad Yasir

Abstract: A careful retrospective study was carried out on the patients of Tuberculosis in District Head Quarter Hospital Layyah, District Head Quarter Hospital Muzaffargarh and Nishter hospital Multan, Pakistan. The patients having the confirmed TB reports and admitted in the TB ward of the hospitals were included in the study. While studying the general incidence of TB it was concluded that the risk of TB is greater in the age group 21-40 (43.3%) and in male gender (59%). The incidence of pulmonary TB is 76% as compared to extra-pulmonary TB (i.e.24 %) and study on genetic basis revealed that only 10.6% patients were those which have a family history of TB while 89.6% were those without any family history of TB. While studying treatment outcome, it was concluded that cure ratio was 25%, treatment failure was 11.3%, and treatment default was 14.6% and 32% patients completed the treatment and 18% patients died. It is the need of the time that the government of Pakistan should take effective measures to increase the cure rate. While studying the incidence of side effects, out of total 150 patients, 20 patients (13.3%) experienced one side effect and 31 patients (20.6%) experienced two side effects and 99 (66%) patients experienced three or more side effects of anti –TB treatment. Frequently affected body organ was liver. Hepatitis was observed in 61 (40.6%) patients, nausea and vomiting in 50 patients (33.3%), loss of appetite in 34 patients (22%) and abdominal pain in 27 patients (18%). Anti -TB treatment could lead to significant side effects. These side effects can be so devastating that patient need to be admitted in the hospital. Effective measures should be taken to avoid these side effects.

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