Volume 3, Issue 2


Mineral metabolism and pathological process of periodontal in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Author: L. O. Iashyna, N. I. Gumeniuk, V. I. Іgnatieva, N. I Lynnyk., G. S. Kharchenko-Sevriukova

Abstract: To evaluated the incidence of mineral metabolism and pathological periodontal processes in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Osteoporosis in COPD patients was detected 6 times more often than in practically healthy individuals of the same age and gender.
All patients with COPD were diagnosed with periodontal disease. In 5 (25,0%) of 20 patients with complete secondary adentia identified in 9 (45,0%) patients, generalized periodontitis and the extent and in 6 (3,0%) patients with stage II. A significant decrease in maximum density of the spongy substance of the alveolar bone in patients with COPD indicative of active manifestations of destructive resorptive processes that are related to both systemic inflammation in COPD, secondary to systemic osteoporosis or osteopenia and local factors – the loss of a large number of teeth or complete secondary adentia).


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