Volume 3, Issue 2


In-vivo Screening for Mucuna imbricata Plant and its Synergism with Rifampicin against Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Author: A.G. Barua*, Bapan Banik, C.C. Barua, Biswajit Dutta, Archana Singh

Abstract: The global threat of tuberculosis (TB) demands for the search for alternative antimycobacterial drugs. Present study dealt with the antimycobacterial potential of methanolic extracts of seeds of Mucuna imbricata and its synergistic effect with rifampicin against M. tuberculosis by molecular identification of mycobacterium in the lung tissue of mice by PCR. Mice were intravenously infected with M. tuberculosis H37Rv and plant extract/drugs were administered orally for first 10 days of challenge. The mice were sacrificed on the 30th day of challenge and macrophages from peritoneal fluid of mice were isolated and tested for various antioxidant enzymes. Mice were sent for biopsy for recording necropsy score on lungs, smear examination, & histopathological studies. DNA isolation from mice lung tissues and PCR was done targeting MPB-64 gene to detect the TB infection in mice. The result revealed that, mycobacteria induced cellular damage in mice peritoneal macrophages is associated with enhanced Lipid peroxidation (LPO), Reactive Nitrogen Intermediates (RNI) generation and decrease enzymatic antioxidant (SOD, CAT, GPx, and VIT.C) activity, which were protected by co-administration of extracts as well as standard drugs in group III, IV, V and VI. Giant cell formation and tuberculous granuloma was observed in lung tissue. PCR of lung samples showed band at 240 bp when targeted for MPB-64 gene which confirms the tuberculosis infection in mice and therefore confirms enzymatic changes were due to TB infection only. Preliminary phytochemical screening showed positive for the presence of principle antimycobacterial agents in the active extracts. Seeds of Mucuna imbricata were found to be practically nontoxic on acute oral toxicity study in the female mice. Present study provide scientific basis for the use of Mucuna imbricata alone and in combination of standard drug (Rifampicin) against M. tuberculosis.

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