Volume 3, Issue 2


Evaluation of the effectiveness of mineral correction in children with varying degrees of control of asthma


Author: Ya. Litvinets

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the evaluation bioelemental status in children with varying degrees of control of asthma. We conducted a complete physical examination of 107 children with asthma who were hospitalized in the Department of Allergic regional children's hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk and analyzed the features of their state of micro-and makroelemental provide. Thus, zinc content of children with uncontrolled asthma, comprising (0,52±0,02) mg%, was the lowest , with which is associated the decrease in antioxidant defense of enzyme systems and distortions of adequate response of the body to the action of allergens. Determination of copper in the blood of children with asthma, revealed the presence of severe hypercupremia of all the patients with bronchial asthma. Analysis of the survey results of the concentration of magnesium in the blood of children with asthma found that the content of bioelements in all the examined children was significantly reduced in relation to the comparison group. We observed the increasing of calcium levels in all the patients with asthma compared with healthy (P N<0.05), and the most clearly observed changes were fixed in children with uncontrolled asthma. Improved therapy (on the background of the basic application of Beres Drops Plus) substantially affected the blood levels of copper and zinc, while traditional was inefficient for correction of these blood bioelements, which correlated with the dynamics of clinical symptoms. This study helps to clarify the new and deepen the knowledge of the pathogenesis of asthma from the new positions, to broaden the possibilities to improve its diagnosis and treatment.

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