Volume 3, Issue 1


Calculating drug dosage, creatinine clearance and enteral-parenteral nutrition


Author: Zia Ur Rahman 1*, Muhammad Irshad 2, Imran khan 1, Alija Baig 1, Farhat Ali Khan 1
1. Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan
2. Lady Reading Hospital, Pediatric Ward B, Peshawar, Pakistan

Abstract: Many rules for drug dosage calculation have been developed based on body surface area, body weight and age; similarly rules for creatinine clearance have been described by different researcher, and the standards for calculating enteral and parenteral nutrition have been highlighted. But many rules are not simple enough to be used as such in routine practice.  Among all these, the clinically result oriented rules and standards have been discussed and at the same time limitations have been mentioned.


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