Volume 3, Issue 1


Research of eucalyptus leaves dry extract obtained after essential oil extraction  


Author: Yulia N. Avidzba 1, Oleg. M. Koshovyi 2*, Andriy М. Komisarenko 3
1. Assistant lecturer of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Department of National University of Pharmacy.
2. Doctor of science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor, a head of Pharmacognosy Department of National University of Pharmacy.
3. Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor of Chemistry of Natural Compounds Department, the National University of Pharmacy.

Abstract: Phenolic compounds of Eucalyptus leaves dry hydrophilic extract obtained from the meal after essential oil extraction have been identified and quantified. It had been established that the extract contains amino acids, polysaccharides, hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonoids, a large amount of hydrolisable tannins and possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anabolic activity.


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