Volume 2, Issue 9


Investigation of bacterial contamination in different water samples of Sehore district (Madhya Pradesh) by using optical technique


Author: Ashish Shrivastava* and Rahul Verma

Abstract: Bacterial contamination in water is a hazard worldwide and optical technique can detect bacterial contamination in approximately 48 hours. The Beer-Lambert Law, as applied to spectrophotometric turbidity studies, correlates the concentration of organism’s growth in a solution to the absorption of visible light. By passing light through a sample of contaminated broth, we directly measure the intensity of the resulting light. We use this to calculate the transmittance and the absorption of light that passes through the solution. However, it is not entirely necessary to transform transmittance into absorption. A plot of transmittance over time tracks the inverse of the bacterial growth curve. The primary objective of this study is to develop a more effective means of investigating bacterial contamination in different water sources of sehore district.

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