Volume 2, Issue 9


Specifics of Immune Status in Pre-School Children with Relapsing Bronchopulmonary Disorders


Author: Nataliya I1, Kostyrko1*

1. SHEE Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University Pediatric Department Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Abstract: The research deals with immune changes in pre-school children with relapsing bronchopulmonary disorders. It was established that cellular immunity was most affected in such patients. Specifics of immune changes are largely determined primary disorder. Relapsing bronchitis is followed by a decrease in phagocytic activity and activation of humoral response (elevated Ig G, Ig M, reduced Ig A) and cytokine disbalance (increase in IL-6 , decrease in IL 4). Recurrent pneumonia is followed by decreased phagocyte index and normal phagocyte number, elevated IL-4 and IL-6, reduced Ig A.

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