Volume 2, Issue 8


Impact on Osteoarthritis on Variability of Good Profile of BP in Patients with Essential Hypertension


Authors: Iryna G. Kupnovytska 1, Iryna P. Kutynska 1, Vira I. Klymenko 1
1. SHEE "Ivano -Frankivsk National Medical University" Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

Abstract: There are 12 million hypertensive patients registered in Ukraine, representing 32.2 % of the adult population. It was experimentally shown that the risk of complications and death depends on the degree of increase in blood pressure and, consequently, the effectiveness of its control. The study included 90 patients of menopausal age in hypertensive patients with osteoarthritis. The clinical course of hypertension is complicated by concomitant OA, manifesting the change of circadian rhythms of daily BP. Obviously, articular syndrome can be considered as stress mechanism of action that is mediated by angiotensin II, and possibly activates α- adrenergic receptors. The results of daily blood pressure monitoring showed that one of the key indicators - the degree of night BP reduction in the examined groups was significantly different. In patients with OA it was 22,8+1,2% lower than in those without OA.

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