Volume 2, Issue 6


Application of Nanotechnology and Biocomputation for Treatment of Cancer : A Review


Author: Ashish Shrivastava 1 and H. K. Garg 2*
1. Department of Biotechnology,  C.S.A. Govt. P. G. Nodal College, Sehore - 466001 (India).
2. Department of Zoology,  Sarojini Naidu Govt. Girls Post Graduate (Autonomous) College, Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal - 462016 (India)

Abstract: Nanotechnology promises to provide quicker, reliable and affordable tools and applications to diagnose and treat an array of diseases to make human lives healthier. In the present review, an effort has been made to study how nanotechnology can help to address them. All at once, the possible role of biocomputation, as a means to specify cancer drug therapy, with an aim to apply the results in clinical settings, especially the modeling of drug delivery via nanoparticles, has also been worked upon. Biocomputation could save lives and enhance the quality of cancer treatment through tailor-made therapy for each individual patient, reducing the time and costs involved. With these ideas in mind, a pilot study was taken to work out system-level biocomputation of tumor growth and cancer therapy. While re-examining the merits of nanotechnology, its application in cancer chemotherapy and its likely challenges in a biological setting, have also been counted.

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