Volume 2, Issue 5


Ways of Formation and Development of Derivatives of Conotruncal Region of the Mouse Embryonic Heart at Normal Condition and Under Maternal Dehydration


Author: Dyagovets Katerina *
Histology department, SI «Medical academia of Dnepropetrovsk of MPH from Ukraine» Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Abstract: In this work stages of histogenetic reorganizations of the conotruncus of mouse embryonic heart at normal condition and under the maternal dehydration were investigated. It was necessity to define the dependence of the character of reorganizations of the progenitor of great vessels and semilunar valves from the maternal hemodynamic changes under the maternal dehydration. Main stages of formation of derivatives of conotruncus were described with the help of histological methods. Using three-dimensional computer modeling it was clarified the mechanisms of spatial rearrangements of the conotruncus and its role in the process of the heart chambers hermetization. Immunohistochemical methods enabled us to distinguish the stages of myocardialization and arterialization of the structural components of conotruncus and to determine the mechanism of its shortening.

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