Volume 2, Issue 5


In-vitro Anti-inflammatory Potential of Cassia purpurea (Roxb.) Leaves Extract on Human RBC and Analgesic Property on Swiss Albino Mice


Author: Nayana D. Patil*, Nita P. Patil, P. S. Salunkhe, M. M. Bari, S. D. Barhate

Department of Pharmaceutics, SSJIPER , Jamner, Maharashtra-424206, India

Abstract: Phytochemical analysis of ethanolic extract of Cassia purpurea has indicated the presence of steroid, flavonoid and tri terpenoids, hydrolyable tannins types of compounds. Since these compounds are of pharmacological interest, coupled with the use of this plant in traditional medicine, prompted us to check Cassia purpurea for possible anti-inflammatory activity by HRBC (Human Red Blood Cell) membrane stabilization method by the inhibition of protein denaturation method. The ethanolic extracts of the plant exhibited notable anti-inflammatory activity and remarkable analgesic activity. The maximum membrane stabilization of cassia purpurea was found to be 98.54%. Hence, the ethanolic extracts of cassia purpurea demonstrated the anti- inflammatory, Analgesic activity. Therefore, our studies support the isolation and the use of active constituents from Cassia purpurea in treating inflammations.

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