Volume 2, Issue 4


Formulation and Characterization of Micro particulate Carriers for Diclofenac Sodium


Author: Yogyata S. Pathare*, Seema Hiray, Fayeza A. H

Shree Chankya Education society’s Indira College of Pharmacy, Tathawade, Pune, Pin- 411033. Maharashtra. India.

Abstract: The present study deals with formulation of a Sustained-release calcium alginate microbeads containing Diclofenac sodium by the ionotropic gelation technique at various concentrations of sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Prepared microbeads were evaluated for drug entrapment efficiency, drug content, density, flow properties, particle size and in vitro drug release. The prepared beads were free flowing, white in colour and showed an acceptable range of bulk density, tapped density and angle of repose. Mean diameter of the particles was found to in the range of 350-450 µ. The drug loaded beads showed 83.5 – 95.57 % drug entrapment, which was found to increase with increase in sodium alginate. In vitro drug release study of these microbeads indicated controlled release for Diclofenac sodium 84.54 – 95.23 % release at the end of 10 h. From this study it is concluded that the calcium alginate microbeads can provide a better carrier system for delivery of drugs.

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