Volume 2, Issue 3


Ethnobotany and Diuretic activity of some selected Indian medicinal plants: A Scientific Review


Authors: Moh. Adil Tahseen* and Garima Mishra
college of pharmacy Teerthanker Mahaveer University
Moradabad-Delhi Road, NH-24, Moradabad-244001, U.P., INDIA

Abstract: The Ayurvedic system of medicine, ‘Pashanabheda’ group plants, claimed to be useful in the treatment of urinary stones. ‘Pashanabheda’ is the Sanskrit term used for a group of plants with diuretic. Diuretics cause increase in the rate of urine flow rate thus employed in numerous disorders like hypertension, anxiety, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes mellitus and liver degeneration diseases. Hence, in the present review an attempt has been made to enumerate the studies carried out on these plants. This could serve as a source of information on the present trends in research on plants accredited with diuretic activity.

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