Volume 2, Issue 3


A Correction of Parameters of Cellular and Humoral Immunity in the Complex Treatment of Patients with Chronic Pyelonephritis on the Background of Hemoblastosis


Author: Yevgeniya Bardyak

Department of Internal Medicine No.2, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University,

Abstract: Leukemic clone, the usage of chemotherapy, glucocorticoid hormones, which have cytotoxic effects not only on the tumor, but also on immunocompetent cells, are favorable factors for infectious diseases in patients with hemoblastosis. One of the most frequent opportunistic infections of hematology patients is pyelonephritis (20-30% of cases). In the study, we studied the effect of different treatment on the immune status of patients with chronic pyelonephritis combined with hemoblastosis. Attention was paid to the selection of the most optimal treatment schema using immunomodulator medicine “Imunofan” and nephroprotector “Canephron N”, which would have impact, especially in overcoming immune deficiency syndrome. The study showed that in patients with pyelonephritis, indicators of cellular immunity restored during recovery due to receiving basic therapy. At the same time, for patients with chronic pyelonephritis, in combination with hemoblastosis, after using conventional treatment schema, these metrics were unaffected. Improvements were in subgroups that took “Imunofan” and “Canephron N” at the same time.

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