Volume 2, Issue 3


Proniosome: A Novel Approach to Vesicular Drug Delivery System


Authors: Gowri Sankar P*, Lakshmi Harika V, Bhanu Vaisalini N , B.Brahmaiah1, Sreekanth Nama, Chandu Babu Rao.
Department of Pharmaceutics, Priyadarshini Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research(PIPER), 5th Mile, Pulladigunta, Kornepadu (V), Vatticherukuru (M), Guntur-522017, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Abstract: The present article depicts an elaborative study of proniosomes as specialized drug delivery system. Proniosomes are dry formulation of water-soluble carrier particles that are coated with surfactant and can be measured out as needed and dehydrated to form niosomal dispersion immediately before use on brief agitation in hot aqueous media within minutes. Provesicular systems, such as proniosomes which is one of the advancement in nanotechnology minimize problems of vesicular systems such as aggregation, fusion and leakage of drug and provide additional convenience in transportation, distribution, storage and dosing. Conventional vesicular systems such as liposomes and niosomes are particulate in nature and face stability related difficulty. The review article provides an insight about these approaches along with a novel vesicular approach known as proniosomes.

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