Volume 2, Issue 2


Nanofibers - A New Trend In Nano Drug Delivery Systems


Authosr: Patan.Adam khan*, K.Sasikanth, Sreekanth Nama, S.Suresh, B.Brahmaiah Department of Pharmaceutics, Priyadarshini Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research(PIPER), Pulladigunta, Kornepadu (V), Vatticherukuru (M), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Abstract: Polymer nanofibers, with diameters in the nanometer range, possess larger surface areas per unit mass and permit easier addition of surface functionalities compared with polymer microfibers. Hence, polymer nanofiber are being considered for use as filters, scaffolds for tissue engineering, protective clothing, reinforcement in composite materials and sensors. Although some of these applications are in the development stage, a few have been commercially exploited. Research on polymer nanofibers, nanofiber mats, and their applications has seen a remarkable growth over the last few years. Among all methods, electro spinning has been used to convert a large variety of polymers into nanofibers and may be the only process that has the potential for mass production. Although there are many methods of fabricating nanofibres, electro spinning is perhaps the most versatile process. Materials such as polymer, composites, ceramic and metal nanofibres have been fabricated using electro spinning directly or through post-spinning processes. However, what makes electro spinning different from other nanofibre fabrication processes is its ability to form various fibre assemblies. This will certainly enhance the performance of products made from nanofibres and allow application specific modifications. It is therefore vital for us to understand the various parameters and processes that allow us to fabricate the desired fibre assemblies. The structure, morphology, and geometry of nanofibers and the porosity and tensile properties of nanofiber mats can be investigated through conventional techniques and instruments.

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