Volume 2, Issue 2


Development and Evaluation of Delayed-Release Tablets of Mycophenolate Sodium


Authors: R.Margret Chandira*, Binod Kumar, K.P.Sampath Kumar, Digpati Roy, Debjit Bhowmik
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vinayaka Missions College of Pharmacy, Salem, India

Abstract: Delayed-Release Drug Delivery Systems has a delayed absorption from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in comparison with Convential Drug Delivery Systems, thereby potentially reducing GI adverse events. The goals of therapy are to suppress the immune response and decrease the host’s inflammatory response.  Immunosuppressive therapy is often nonselective; protective as well as destructive immune responses are suppressed. Immunosuppresses patients are predisposed to life-threatening infections.  In addition, the immunosuppressive drugs frequently cause serious adverse effects.  Prevent rejection and kidney graft loss. From the chromatogram of drug in HPLC it was also concluded that the drug had λmax of 254.0 nm, which was exactly similar as reported.  FTIR study confirmed the presence of all prominent peaks indicating its authenticity. The physical parameters of drug as well as excipients concluded that these were considerably good to formulate the tablet using wet granulation method.  From the overall observations of different evaluative studies, delayed property, water uptake study and in vitro release study tablet of batch F8 was selected as the optimum batch among all batches and further evaluated for the extended parameters. Dissolution data of the tablet of batch F8 was subjected to the treatment with different kinetic equations, which showed that release patterns are best fitted to the first order release equation and involves combination of polymer relaxation and consequently swelling.


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